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Junior high school students get know the world of modern technology!

In the last week, Gymnasium no. 3 students from Świdnica came to us as part of the "open door" program.

The purpose of the visit was to broaden the students' awareness so that they could make more aware choices about choosing an educational path that determines their future career path.

The students observed our factory not only in terms of knowing the production lines and products, but also to know the different job positions like: operator, the leader, the maintenance technician, the warehouse staff and the quality technicians.

In addition students took part in individual and teamwork competitions - "Japan in my Eyes".

The competition was great fun, but it aim was to pay students' attention to the Japanese culture which our company is part. These fantastic young people have noticed in practice how important teamwork is.

The best teamwork has been rewarded and the winners will take part in in-house event organized by DSSE, which will enrich them with positive experiences, emotions and further benefits. Individual winners received company gadgets and audio equipment.