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In December DSSE, for the first time, took part in the annual nationwide campaign to help the people in need called Noble Pack. The coordinator of the campaign in our company was Monika Suchanecka, an employee from accounting department. Together with other employees from another company, located in Bielany Wroclawskie, we took part in the organization and collection of the most essential things for a family selected from thousands of the submitted ones. The selected family consisted of five people: three children and two parents. The list of needs was long, starting from food, chemical and office materials through the winter clothes, everyday items as well as toys for the youngest members of the family. By joining our forces we were able to collect everything what was needed and even much more so that the family received the essentials. The collected gifts were not only used ones because many of us bought brand new items. The final packaging of all collected gifts was held on 12 December in Wroclaw. The official transfer of parcels took place on Saturday 13 December. The family was delighted to receive packets because the size of the aid surprised even themselves. In total we handed over 50 Christmas gifts.
We are pleased that we were able to participate in the action giving the people in need a lot of fun and the warmth in this particular pre-Christmas period. The collection of things was completely voluntary what makes us feeling pleased even more that so many of us found compassion and willingness to help. It is extremely important to be able to stop for a while during current busy times, think about the others and help those who need our help.
We hope that this was not the last action in which we participated. We will continue to develop the desire to help and feel empathy for the people in need.

Below you can see our gallery of photos from the campaign.