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6th HR Group Meeting

Last month, the 6th HR Group Meeting was held in Wroclaw, Poland and at Daicel Safety Systems Europe (DSSE) from September 20-22.This meeting series has been held at regular intervals since FY2014 with the aim of “Securing and Developing Core Global Human Resources”, an important 3D-II task of MSD.
This time attendees examined the current issues and future direction of core HR functions including the evaluation system, recruitment, training etc.
Also participants managed to explore Wroclaw, famous Książ Castle and taste dishes of traditional Polish cuisine - of course dumplings did the biggest "career".
After the meeting, attendees also had the opportunity to directly review DSSE operations through a plant tour, followed by a cross-cultural communication workshop to gain understanding and acceptance of cultural differences.

The meeting series will continue to drive HR initiatives and strengthen the network of MSD affiliates with a slogan of “Proactive HR”.