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Message from CEO to drive company success

On 27 June Mr. Fudaba visited our company. The aim of the visit was to remind us about the principles of business ethics, the policy of compliance with the law, and decreasing the risk connected with conducting a business activity.

During the meeting Mr. Fudaba shared three stories with morals. The story about fleas showed us that limitations have a bad influence on results and development.
The story about frogs reminded us that it is necessary to remember high self-awareness in reacting to changes.

The story of the missing key illustrated the risk-avoidance syndrome. It often happens that we only focus on the task “within our sight” without taking any risks. However, while concentrating only on our area of responsibility we often tend to overlook the broader perspective.

These stories were intended to make the DSSE team aware of the important role of universal values in the organization, and to underscore the importance of business ethics, because it increases social trust towards companies.