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DSSE on Open Days at Wroclaw University of Technology

On 11 March 2016 we participated in Open Days at Wrocław University of Technology at Mechanical Department.


The idea of the trip was made during last meeting of Educational Cluster „Invest in Edu”. The beneficiary were students from following technical schools:


1)       Zespół Szkół Politechnicznych „Energetyk” in Wałbrzych

2)       Zespół Szkół Nr 5 im. M. T. Hubera in Wałbrzych

3)       Zespół  Szkół Mechanicznych in Świdnica


The meeting started with a presentation of the Dean who mentioned about:

– educational trends at Mechanical Department,

– rules of recruitment process,

– scholarships and material benefits,

– possibility to study abroad,

– student life,

– possibilities of employment.



Afterwards, we visited The Laboratory of Mechanical Department and scientific circles:


  •          Scientific Circle of Innovative Technologies „Rapid Troopers “


  •          PWr Racing Team


  •          Scientific Circle of Virtual Technologies, 3D Modelling and Automation "REViR 3D"


  •          Laboratory of Machine Construction and Research Department


  •          Student scientific circle "MODELER„


  •          Laboratory of Machine and Industrial Vehicles Engineering

Presentation of Scientific Circle of Unconventional Vehicles „OFF-ROAD”


  •          Laboratory of Biomedical, Mechatronical and Theory of Mechanisms Engineering

Presentation of Cross-departamental Scientific Circle of Biomechanics


Presentation of Cross-departamental Scientific Circle of Mechatronics"Synergia"


  •          Faculty of Logistic System Exploitation, Transportation Systems and Hydraulic Systems (L8.1, L 8.2)

Presentation of Scientific Circle HYDRO+ (L-7)


  •          Presentation of Scientific Circle „Robocik”     


Special thanks for Mr.  Filip Munko and Ms. Zuzanna Didyk from Kaizen Circle for support in organizational issues connected with the visit.