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Celebrating the victory of DSSE employees who have beaten the worldwide competition!

Daicel Corporation has been organizing a prestigious contest for years, presenting innovative solutions and ideas to streamline processes in corporations. The jury always consists of global KAIZEN experts.

In 2017 Kaizen Competition was in spring, in Japanese city of Harima. The team from Poland prepared special presentations of improvements in the areas of production as well as health and safety at work. Many hours of preparations, rehearsals and exercises, great effort and the presented improvements were appreciated and rewarded by the jury. As a result, the DSSE team won 1st Place and World Champion in Kaizen Competition 2017 and 3rd place in the field of occupational Health and Safety.

"I am very proud to have such creative and committed people in our factory. I was very happy when it turned out that we were strong ahead of the other participants and we became the champions (...) - commented DSSE President, Yasushi Hiramatsu.

According to the tradition of the competition, the winner receives a special flag for the year of victory, which has been passing from champion to champion, from country to country for many years.

After returning to Poland, we held a special event, where everyone - from the managerial staff to the operational employees - was able to see videos and photos from the competition, ask for details and see the already mentioned World Champion 2017 flag.

The joy of winning was endless, especially that it was a success also for those who were involved in preparing for departure to Japan, supporting substantiallyand mentally the delegated teams.

During the event and in relation to the holiday season, every DSSE employee received a sport t-shirt and travel suitcase. The whole meeting was filled with sweetness in the form of a huge cake.

"KAIZEN Competition is an important event for both employees and managers. We cannot forget why the rivalry between the divisions is organized. It is mainly about enriching the company with a number of clever and innovative solutions that will improve the processes taking place in the company. This includes, among others, Kaizen philosophy, which is so popular in Asian countries. In our factory we are constantly introducing improvements. Employees even receive rewards for the most important assignments. "- adds Dariusz Karolczak, Production Manager at DSSE.

Automotive companies on a daily basis benefit from the Kaizen principle. Kaizen is a strategy that works to solve problems at the place and time when they occur. Kaizen assumes the use of resources so that the organization can increase its productivity but not to invest in new tools or technologies.

KAIZEN word means constant improvement, improvement of work and its effects and change of management forms to more effective. In Poland, this method gained its popularity in the 90s of the twentieth century, where many companies introduced it to the principles of functioning in the organization. Kaizen is closely related to Japanese culture, so in companies like Toyota, Honda and DSSE, the Kaizen is a long-standing practice.

As you can see from the example of Daicel Safety Systems Europe employees who have grown up in Kaizen philosophy, it is essential to understand and implement it in a practical way.

Thank you, congratulations and we are counting on more success.