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Charity and active Sunday for DSSE employees.

The first Sunday of September 2017 was very active for DSSE employees. A part of our team took part in the end of summer in Żarów with supporting a charity bike rally for sick Julka and the start-up of the Szlachetna Paczka (noble pack). The second team started in Wrocław Business Run, a charity run for the people in need. In both cases we can talk about the success of the events.

The charity picnic in Żarów - "Cycling for Julka" collected exactly 8 177,34 zloty and 25,52 euro, but that's not over yet. The auction of three vouchers for the Japanese restaurant continues (auction funded by DSSE). The funds will be allocated entirely to the treatment of sick Julia Malik. Local citizens, local government officials, clubs, and entrepreneurs joined the action. Certainly, it couldn’t happen without DSSE.

- “Support for local activities is inscribed in Daicel's philosophy. That’s why we try to be close to the people every time. We want everyone to feel that we are not only producing and employing here but social needs and support are also important for us"- commented Małgorzata Adamczyk, who represented DSSE on that day and deals with administration and public relations in DSSE.

According to the bike rally DSSE has founded a beautiful city bike. There were also three vouchers for dinner at Japanese restaurant, to create an opportunity to get to know Japanese cuisine and culture. In addition, at DSSE stand, the participants were offered sweets and the youngest ones received balloons. Job seekers could learn how to join DSSE team.

During the event another social initiative, Szlachetna Paczka, was presented. The purpose of this presentation was to get new volunteers, to familiarize participants with the assumptions and rules of this action. This will be the first edition in Żarów (while 17th in Poland). The initiative to organize this action also came from DSSE. Małgorzata Adamczyk, HR / GA officer, is the leader of Żarów Region.

At the same time, the second team of DSSE employees took part in the third edition of Wroclaw Business Run. This year in Wroclaw Pergola, over 2,300 people have been on the run. So many competitors have never appeared on the starting line before. Running in Business Run helps the needy. The run is organized simultaneously in eight Polish cities and is the largest event of this kind in Poland. From DSSE side, the run was initiated by Haruka Hashimoto (team captain). There were also: Katarzyna Jedlińska, Takeshi Yoshimura, Paweł Bułat, Adam Binder. For 400 teams, DSSE team was on 63rd place.

 -“I participated this run because I wanted to integrate with my colleagues from the company and I also like the philosophy of the event that you run for people who need help.

The result was great! Despite the cold weather, we managed to make a good record but mostly we had so much FUN! Thank you all for your participation and support” - summarized the event Haruka Hashimoto, the captain of the team, who is responsible at DSSE for Suppliers’ development.

Both events are regularly organized, so we declare our participation in the next editions of these actions.