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Children already know how to work and how to be a part of Daicel Safety Systems Europe!

More than 1100 children took part in this year's edition of "Children's Town", organized in Swidnica at the Center of Sport and Recreation. From August 8th to August 18th, children at the age of 6 to 12 were learning, playing and relaxing. There were many attractions and interesting competitions.

Workshops related to the discovery of secrets of various professions were prepared by companies that simultaneously sponsored the event. Among them was Daicel Safety Systems Europe from Żarów especially that for many years it has supported various types of social initiatives in the region. For this type of business, Daicel received the award - CSR MUFLON 2014.

- We are always very happy to support events dedicated to children. Children are our invaluable potential, it is our future. This year we have held the position of "DSSE Quality Controller” because we wanted to show these young people how important it is to control and check elements very carefully. Children could train the basic operations of our process, which do not have any consequences in reality. On the other hand, our employees know that their mistake or failure can cost a human life. This is a huge responsibility - commented Yasushi Hiramatsu, President of DSSE.

At the Daicel stand, the youngsters checked the inflator's performance to inflate the airbags and then pinched the right items and labeled the presence of the explosive in a well-defined manner. Practical classes preceded the theoretical introduction of the company and issues related to safety and quality.

Children playing and acting in professions of DSSE workers received for their work and commitment payment in the form of so-called "Taurons" - a special currency created for the "Children's Town". Thanks to the earned money, they were able to purchase many attractive articles in the Dream Shop. In this way children learned to work, make money and make decisions, of course in the form of fun. DSSE additionally funded the company's gadgets. Every child who visited the stand of quality controller received one prize. Among them are caps, t-shirts, waterproof cell phone cases, telephone arm passes, reflective bands, rulers, pens, pencils, etc.

In addition to the quality controller, children played in the following categories: film-makers, policemen, shooters, masters of pizza and ice desserts, but also waiters, doctors, gardeners and even animal trainers, foresters, carpenters, builders, ceramics, artists, electronics and masters in soap bubbles making.

At the end of the event there was a ceremonial summary and handing out of special certificates.

We would like to thanks the organizers for the invitation to the event and to all children for their commitment and beautiful work attitude. As you grow up, we will be glad to see you in our company!