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"Chillout Room" - DSSE idea for engaging and exploring students’ potential

The young people from School No. 5 in Wałbrzych, popularly called "Mechanik", for several months were building a unique place to spend breaks between classes. Now they have something to be proud of and don’t have to eat their sandwiches sitting on the windowsills.

The initiator of this idea is Daicel Safety Systems Europe, Żarów. The company has been supporting schools, institutions and projects related to education, development and sport for many years. The idea of ​​creating a chillout room was born about a year and a half ago. At that time, the Directorate of Schools No. 5 wanted to expand cooperation with companies, looking for directions that would be also attractive from the employer's point of view. The discussions with DSSE resulted in the idea that several companies should get together and support a project that would be the work of the students "from the beginning to the end". The modernization of school hall and changing it in the place of relaxation during breaks was chosen from all initiatives. The next stage was to create a vision of this place. A lot of students created very interesting concepts. At the same time, employers, led by DSSE, united and refined the concept of supporting this project, and then discussed about the choice of the best project. The eco chill out room, equipped with wood pallets furniture, grass and a wall covered with moss, won the first prize.

The project took over six months. The ceremonial opening of this ecological zone took place with the participation of all those, who contributed to the project and of course the students who were able to test new furniture and equipment from the beginning.

"We will always support you in training to develop your talents" promised Yasushi Hiramatsu, President of DSSE Żarów. "I'm counting that you will join our company someday (...) we'll be waiting for you”.

There is nothing left but to wish the students a reasonable use of the chill out room, and to be fully relaxed during breaks.

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