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Culinary inspirations "the future masters of sport"

Our company promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. With the financial support of DSSE students of  first class, the sporting profile, of the School Integration in Walbrzych attended the Culinary Workshop, held at the Hotel Maria in Walbrzych. During this course of several hours, "the future masters of sport" talked about the principles of proper nutrition, argued that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, a healthy diet is not difficult. Students make healthy meals prepared with the fruit, vegetables, dairy products and dark bread. Some dishes could even become the inspiration for the hotel chef (sandwich with kiwi and chives, clearing tomato salad with honey). "Breakfast gives you the power", and this could see the little students, going after the workshop to the hotel bowling alley.

Thanks for support and commitment to our employee - Agacie Kromke - Radeckiej.