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President of the City of Wałbrzych, Polytechnic School "Energetyk", State Higher Vocational School im. Angelus Silesius and the Center for Science and Art "Old Mine" organized on 18 and 19 May 2017 the International Conference on Lower Silesian Internet Day “(NOT) SAFE CYBERCESS”

For two days, the following issues were addressed:

• Establishment of innovative operational programs of the Security Team

In Cyberspace,

• Child Safety in the Virtual World,

• Values ​​of children and young people in the real and virtual world,

• Challenges in education and prevention of cyber threats, research, content and methodology.

• Pedagogical aspects of cyber threats.

• Socio-educational and psychological effects of cyber threats,

• Multimedia software features for mobile phones for cybercrime (a tool that combines hardware and education)

• Homework and doctoral and master thesis on cyberspace crossings as an interpreter for the activity,

• Case-by-case analysis,

• Sub-disciplinary quantitative and qualitative research.

During the lectures and presentations, the practitioners' perspectives were also presented. On behalf of Daicel Security Systems Europe was Jacek Jedliński (expert in IT department, creator of specialist IT software for production). The topic –“Information security”, targeted to e-mail attacks. The content and practical value of the content stimulated the audience. Additional activity was triggered by the competition which Jacek Jeliński conducted at the end of the event. Everyone who was attentive to this was able to answer to all the questions, but he also counted on answer’s reflexes. Our company has provided valuable distinctions to winners of this "mini" competition and other which were organized as part of the conference.

Thank you for invitation for this event! See you there next year!