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On 11 March 2016 our company had a pleasure to participate in the 6th edition of Randstad Award Gala. This year the event took place in Olympic Centre in Warsaw and gathered over 250 representatives of employers from whole Poland. During the celebration the results of ranking for 10 the most attractive employers in our country were announced. The winner was KGHP Polska Miedź. The second place belonged to Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT and the third was Samsung Electronics Polska.

The splendour was added by the presentation of the results of “Social Diagnosis” analysing the quality of life of Polish people made by social psychologist, Professor Janusz Czapiński. A famous actor, Marek Kondrat, told about his real passion for wines. He decided to end his movie career and start his own business connected with importing wines.

The Gala of Randstad Award 2016 was a great occasion for discussion and a completely new look at creating new job vacancies which are the source of employees’ satisfaction