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The third Global Production Meeting (GPM) took place in DSSE on 7-8 June. DSSE factory was visited by 20 people from around the world. They were managers and engineers from Japan, Korea, Thailand, China and the United States, so from all of the countries where Daicel Corporation has its branches. This event takes place regularly and each time in a different factory. The main purpose of the meeting is the exchange of experience and to find global solution of production problems based on the experience of engineers from various factories and production lines. Additionally, during the meeting they discussed further development directions, innovative technical solutions for the planned production for the next years. There is also a place for working out common communication and developing not only technical aspects, but cooperation and relations that ultimately affect the efficiency of each process.

"As always, the meeting was a time of intense and condensed work. It is a big challenge to undertake such a wide range of issues, especially that it concerns practically people from all over the world. It means different countries, different problems and different environments. Every time I observe that after the meetings there are more and more interesting solutions, and the level of cooperation is noticeably increasing "- commented the event General Manager of DSSE.

On behalf of the Management Board and the entire DSSE team, we would like to thank you for the activities and cooperation of MSD Hidenobu Kurokawa (Quality Assurance Management), Takayuki Matsumoto (Global Operation Management), Yasuto Taki (TDRC), Hidekazu Kanatani (TDRC), Takuro Kuwata (Quality Assurance Management) and representatives of branches from Japan (DSS), USA (DSSA KY, DSSA AZ), China (DSSC), Thailand (DSST) and Korea (DSSK).

See you later this year!