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On 9 February 2015, during „Smarter – how to teach and train for economy” conference, organized by WSSE Invest Park, the Educational Cluster „INVEST in EDU” was established.

The common initiative of employers from Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone, vocational schools and local government has been started as a response to labour market needs. Its aim is to develop vocational educational system, including the increase of availability of training and apprenticeship, creating patron classes where the employer has real influence on the syllabus.

The Minister of National Education - Joanna Kluzik – Rostkowska announced the current school year – a year of vocational education and declared over a billion of Euro for the development of the educational system following the labour market trends.

„The job centers have information about current market needs. Unfortunately, they are not able to tell us which jobs will be needed in the next few years’ perspective. The economic zones, thanks to the cooperation with employers possess such knowledge – said Ilona Antoniszyn – Klik, the Vice Minister of Economy.  


­Ms. Barbara Kaśnikowska, President of WSSE, emphasized that the beneficiaries of this cooperation will be also students who have access to modern technologies and will get desired practical skills.

The Ministry of Economy together with WSSE „INVEST­PARK” awarded Daicel Safety Systems Europe for special achievements in promoting and executing vocational education, effective cooperation with high schools and financial support for schools and students.


The awards were also given to our partner schools:

Collective schools no. 1 in Świdnica

Collective schools no. 5 in Wałbrzych

Collective Polytechnic Schools „Energetyk” in Wałbrzych

The award from the Minister received HR Manager – Dominika Ciara.