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Kaizen World Champion - third victory of DSSE!

The Daicel Corporation organizes an international competition for the best implemented solutions based on the Kaizen philosophy. At Daicel Safety System Europe in ┼╗arów, it is an element of daily work of managers, engineers, specialists and operators.

The proof of effective functioning and continuous improvement is the third in a row – 1st place in the category of Kaizen and the title of KAIZEN WORLD CHAMPION, 2nd place in the category of Safety and additionally Special Award. It can be concluded that DSSE was unbeatable, despite very strong world-wide competitors.

"Our employees are very ambitious and, as you can see, they rightly assumed that they were going to represent DSSE and everyone would come back with a reward. I had no doubts that the presented solutions are specific and innovative, bring real results and we have a chance to win. However, we never know what the other Daicel sites will show. The announced results filled me with more and more happiness and proud - comments Atsushi Hatomoto, President of DSSE.

The event took place in Harima - one of the many places where Daicel has branches. The representatives of factories (from Japan, China, USA, Thailand and Poland) presented their achievements during two-day competition. The jury deliberated for a long time. The winning presentations were showed again, but this time for a wider audience. After each performance, a question-answer session was held during which the jury and senior managers were able to ask for specific issue and details.

"We were very excited about our stay in Japan, the cradle of our corporation, and also about the opportunity to present the results of all DSSE employees’ work, whom we had the honor to represent (...) The most stressful was the moment of asking questions, especially in the context of language differences and the interpretation of the statement. However, this stress mobilized us (...)  We would like to thank all our colleagues at DSSE, because only thanks to our joint work we won "- sums up the laureate of the first place.

DSSE does not rest on its laurels. Employees are constantly striving to modernize and improve.

We hope that it will be appreciated and noticed during the next edition of the competition!