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Know your parents' profession - Children's Day

“Know your parent’s profession" - this event was organized by Daicel Safety Systems Europe. It was another series event planned for 2017. This time, the staff met to celebrate Children's Day in a slightly different way.

The event took place on the DSSE’s area in Żarów. The official opening was made by President -Yasushi Hiramatsu and managerial team. 

The organizers (from production and administration departments) wanted to show everyone the place where their parents spend one third of their life time. The factory and production lines were visited by nearly 400 people. The guests could also enjoy a lot of side attractions, including bouncy trampoline, inflatable slides, euro-bangs, face painting, games with animators, soap bubbles and Zumba. Additionally, the children could try their skills as engineer, warehouse worker and operator. The workshops, prepared by production department, were based on the execution of specific sequence of work, similar to those actually performed in the DSSE. There were also different fitness an ecological competitions. Every child's activity was appreciated with gifts, gadgets and sweets. After such effort, everyone could regenerate their strength by tasty catering. Another event dedicated to DSSE employees - will take place after summer holidays!

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