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Meeting of Japanese entrepreneurs

For the third time Daicel Safety Systems Europe joined a meeting of Japanese entrepreneurs, organised by WSSE Invest Park *.


In the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone there are 11 enterprises with Japanese capital which invested nearly 5 billion PLN. This group has borne the biggest financial expenses in WSSE so far.


The meeting of Japanese investors took place in the Old Mine in Wałbrzych which made a huge impression on all participants. The discussion was focused on the support to research and development activities in the frames of Regional Operational Program and Innovative Economy Operational Program. The second topic was connected with current issues regarding the functioning of Japanese enterprises in Poland, e.g. foreigners, labour market, common social initiatives.


DSSE Sp. z o o would like to thank the organizers for continuous support to our business and the creation of effective platform for cooperation.


WSSE „INVEST-PARK” is the biggest from all 14 Special Economic Zones in Poland. It has nearly 3 000 ha of grounds in 48 locations. There are 178entrepreneurs who have invested almost 20 billion PLN and employ over 41 thousand of employees.