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New financial year - new targets

According to DSSE Policy the Board give all employees reliable information regarding functioning of the company. Therefore, at the beginning of each financial year, i.e. first of April the Board announces to all employees the business objectives of the company, which then are cascaded in accordance with the methodology of management by objectives to lower levels of the organizational structure so that, ultimately, each employee is clearly informed about the individual/team targets.

Determination of business objectives is combined with the Japanese tradition of painting Daruma’s eye which, on this occasion, comes to us from Land of the Rising Sun. Daruma is a doll of happiness, which symbolizes overcoming life's failures.  

If we want to fulfill the objective of  DSSE set for the next year - thinking of it we paint the doll’s one eye (left). The painted eye remains open and focused on the designated target and  when it is reached, we paint the doll’s other eye.

We hope that next year Daruma will regain its sight thanks to achieving the stated objectives for 2014 by DSSE.