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Noble Box 2015

This year DSSE, for the second time, has joined a national charity project called „Szlachetna Paczka” (eng. Noble Box). We chose two families which we supported successfully. Full engagement of the coordinators (DSSE employees), sensitivity and the support of our employees as well as few other companies from Wałbrzych surrounding resulted in collecting all items, listed by the families as necessary. Moreover, we also gathered many additional gifts that were only mentioned by the families.

On Sunday 12 December the coordinators gave the collected packages to volunteers and then to the families. I have a pleasure to visit one family personally. When I saw their reaction, emotions and surprise I became more then convinced that such aid is extremely important and help people in need to believe that they are not alone. I would like to say thank you to all people who joined with me the project for their involvement and the big heart they showed. At the same time I pass the words of appreciation from the families that we helped.

We are happy that we could participate in this national project and gave the families in need a lot of joy, support and warmth in this special holiday period. The collection of gifts was fully voluntary that’s why we are more than happy that so many people showed their sympathy and help. It is very important to have an ability stop for a while and think about other people who need our help.

I hope that next year we will also join the project making someone smiling and feeling happy.