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DSSE employees willingly initiate or join social and charity initiatives. One of them is NOBLE BOX. Currently, it is one of the most recognizable social projects in Poland. Contrary to appearances, it does not only deal with preparing packages. It is based on working with donors and volunteers. They help families in need. Volunteers look for families and work with them. Donors prepare dedicated help. During one weekend, one million people exchange things and all the power of kindness.

This year, DSSE joined the project for the fourth time, but the whole action had a slightly different, wider dimension. DSSE has started the initiative to create the Region Noble Package in Żarów. The employees of the company started the volunteer campaign, they went through trainings and hit the road. The result of their hard work and dedication is the happiness of over 20 families from the entire Żarów Commune. DSSE employees took special care of two families in need. For several weeks the volunteers were collecting money, products and things. Two days before the final action, DSSE hosted everyone for packaging and preparation of over 50 packages for selected two families, believing that their content would support them, ease their burden and bring smile on their faces.

The fact is that family reactions are difficult to describe. Tears, emotions and hope accompanied families, DSSE employees and volunteers. These emotions and the time spent together will stay in memory for a long time and will affect everyday life.

- I would like to thank all the good people who have chosen our family and would like to help us. These things are so beautiful and there are so many of them that I cannot believe that this is all for us. Now I feel that I am not alone and have more energy to do even more and more in the New Year ... thank you very much – said one of the gifted person thanking for support.

We hope that next year Noble Box project will be continued and distributed in our company. Many thanks to all involved people, who have already given so much to each other.

Merry Christmas!