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Noble Box 2018

DSSE does not stop taking actions to help people in need. This year, our company took care of another family and prepared the support during Christmas time.

This initiative took place thanks to the Noble Box - a nationwide social project organized by the Stowarzyszenie Wiosna (Eng. Spring Assosiation). The main goal is material and mental help for families and people in a difficult life situation. Organizationally, it is based on the work of over ten thousand volunteers from whole Poland. This year, in Żarów Commune there were five volunteers (80% are DSSE employees) who visited nearly 40 families.

The principle of the project is the so-called “wise help”, which consists in giving a direct support for selected families by equipping them with tools necessary to start solving their own problems. The organizers of the project declare that they "do not help demanding poverty" but expect "people to manage themselves in life".

Help for the families is handed during the Noble Box Finale, called the 'weekend of miracles'. Such miracle took place this year on 8-9 December. In Żarów, the help received 11 families from the entire commune. The value of the support granted is nearly PLN 50,000.

We would like to thank all Daicel Safety Systems Europe employees for showing goodness, for every help and contribution to the preparation of the package.