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Noble Box 2019

The cooperation of our company with Noble Box has been going constantly for many years. Daicel employees participate in this nationwide, charity social project by performing two roles simultaneously - as Volunteers and Donors. This is an example of commitment that shows a real desire to help other people.

As always the end of the year is the busiest in Noble Box project: looking for families, verifying their social status, inputting data into the national system, waiting for a decision, then the day of "miracles" - that is, the selection of families by the Donors, finally the coveted final and the bestowal of families.

The pre-Christmas period is always magical, but it makes more sense around the finale and giving to  families what they need the most. It makes they have more power and believe in better future. Often, this symbolic box gives them strength to the usually tough fight that goes on every day.

This is how it was this year with the family chosen by our company. A lonely mother, who has been taking care for 28 years over her son with cerebral palsy, could finally take a breath and not be afraid of the next year. After receiving, among others a new, comfortable bed for her son, food and chemistry could regain peace. For a while she does not have to worry about how to get it all alone, how much and how long to deny basic needs.

- "Thank you everyone who helped us. It is like the wind in the sails for me and I cannot express in words what this means to me and to my son ... "- she said with tears in her eyes.

Once again, we would like to thank all employees of Daicel Safety Systems Europe for their kindness, for every help and contribution in preparing the package. It was wonderful and it was worth it.