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Our children at the Football Tournament in Żarów

Our team at the Football Tournament in Żarów on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Żarów Subzone of the WSEZ "Invest Park"


On September 18, 2021, at the Stadium in Żarów, the "Żarów Mundial" Football Tournament was played on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Żarów Subzone of the WSEZ "Invest Park". The event was held under the honorary patronage of the Japanese Embassy. The event was dedicated for children, and its aim was to popularize football among young people, as well as to ensure active spending of free time and sports competition. The teams that took part in the tournament represented the countries that operate in the Żarów Economic Subzone. During such event DSSE could not be missing! Our team represented Japan and its members were children of our employees. Due to the fact that we have employees with many talents, we found a professional football coach among us - Mateusz Wirchniański, who created the football team of Japan in a very short time:

“It is worth to say that we were the only team that included the children of our employees. The other teams were selected players from schools and football clubs. Taking this into account, our players, who de facto never played with each other, created a great team that brought us a lot of positive emotions!

Certainly, the final result is not the most important thing, but the event itself. However, the second place can really be a reason to be proud that we have such talented children among DSSE employees! It was an honor to represent the colors of Japan”! – said out coach Mateusz.


The competition was very fierce, but joyful and in the spirit of fair play.


In the group stage, we won all matches, only losing in the final game. In the final classification, our team took second place, and our representative Mateusz Jedliński became the top scorer! The Japanese players were decorated by the President of DSSE -  Atsushi Hatomoto. All players received medals, and the team also received a cup, which is proudly situated in our showcase. The President, Atsushi Hatomoto, has also prepared awards for our team members.



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