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Polish Noble Gift campaign

The weekend of miracles is over - the final of the Polish Noble Gift campaign, and Daicel's members have shown once again that they can be counted on! This year, our company prepared gifts for a family of four - a mum, a dad and two handicapped sons. We managed to meet every item on the Needs List. The packages contained mainly food, chemical products and such urgent needs as a new mattress or a microwave.


We would like to thank our Donors for their heart and effort put into preparing the gifts for the family - by the way, packing took place in a very pleasant and festive atmosphere, with hot chocolate and Christmas carols in the background.

Special thanks are due to our Volunteer, Ms Grazyna, who supported us in this action with her positive energy!


Finally, a general summary of this year's edition:

17,010 families received Noble Gifts - that's 3,000 more than last year

704,200 people connected to the Noble Gift

30% of the people included in the Noble Gift are struggling with old age and loneliness

More than 10% of people are in difficulty because of a pandemic

60% of families experience difficulties due to illness and/or disability

More than 20% have found themselves in a difficult situation due to some misfortune accident or fortuitous event,

More than 20% are experiencing difficulties because of the illness and/or disability of their children