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Premiere on conference “Smarter – how to teach and train for economy”

On 12/06/2015 the conferenceSmarter – how to teach and train for economy was held in Bolkow. During the conference there was an extension of the educational cluster Invest in Edu, which DSSE is a member.

The cluster "Invest in Edu" was established on 9 February 2015 and its aim is to develop vocational education system, including increasing the availability of internships and apprenticeships.

Ilona Antoniszyn-Click, Vice Minister of Economy was guest of the conference. She said: “Economic zones, thanks to the cooperation with entrepreneurs and the conducting research, possess knowledge which professions and what kind of specialists will be needed in the future. We must use this potential to make a good education plan for young people”.

During the conference, an educational cluster joined another 29 entities - companies operating in Walbrzych Special Economic Zone, vocational and technical schools, Technical University of Wroclaw, Lower Silesia Labour Office and local government units. The cluster involved almost 80 companies in total.

For DSSE and our partner schools: The School No. 5 from Walbrzych and School “Energetyk” also from Walbrzych the conference was unique due to the premiere of the film, which was made by the students of those schools in cooperation with DSSE. The aim of the film is to present the cooperation between the school and the company in student’s eyes.

Our company was represented by Joanna Hewiak-Gawrońska, human resources chief specialist.