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Safety and Environmental Policy

Safety and environmental protection are our priority.

” Daicel contributes to the growth and development of society by engaging in “Monozukuri” - creation of new value in all corporate activities that is friendly to people and the environment while placing the utmost importance on safety, quality and compliance.

Misao Fudaba President and CEO, Daicel Corporation”

DSSE as a one of production center of Daicel Corporation Group takes active part in the realization of Concern purposes and undertakes steps to ensure continuous improvement in the range of the impact on the environment, safety of processes and products, and also safe and healthy work conditions.

To achieve above mentioned goals we oblige ourselves to:

  •          manage the health, safety and environmental protection comprehensively with the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007, PN-N 18001:2004 and ISO 14001:2015 Standards;
  •          monitor and follow legal and other requirements of the customer and the internal arrangements (corporate) in the field of environment, health
    and safety, which concern our company;
  •          prevent accidents at work, near-miss incidents, occupational diseases and industrial accidents through the supervision of the various processes in the business;
  •          strive for continuous improvement of work conditions through the periodic analysis and risk assessment training and informing workers about accidents
    at work in other enterprises;
  •          continuous improvement of employees' qualifications in order to make them aware of environmental protection improvement in terms of the impact of offered products in the long term;
  •          assure effective and efficient management of resources, media
    and industrial waste including incorporating pyrotechnics;
  •          ensure internal and external communication with interested parties, related to the company's environmental impact and the promotion of safe behavior;
  •          improvement of the environmental effects of the company's operations by defining significant environmental aspects including risks and opportunities.


We oblige all our employees to engage in all above mentioned activities and we will make efforts of all kinds to ensure sufficient resources and means for their accomplishment.

On behalf of DSSE Board

President Yasushi Hiramatsu