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The successful end of fiscal year

We’re saying goodbye to old fiscal year. Traditionally, like every year, DSSE President painted the missing eye to Japanese doll called Daruma as a sign that we have achieved our planned targets in the 2015 budget year.

We would like to thank all DSSE employees for your hard work that made the previous year ended successfully.

A short explanation of Japanese tradition connected with Daruma doll. At the beginning of New Year a lot of people in Japan buy a “blind” Daruma doll. This custom is popular not only among ordinary people but also among companies – like DSSE. You give the “sight” to Daruma in a very specific way: if you want to achieve your goal or wish you must think about it while painting left eye of Daruma. The painted eye is always wide open and focused on your target. When you achieved your goal or when your wish came true you paint the second, right, eye. In this way Daruma is not blind anymore.  When Daruma’s mission is completed or after one year all old dolls are brought to temples where they are burnt in flames on the sacred ground so they won’t bring bad luck. Then you buy a new, often bigger, Daruma doll so it can bring you more happiness and success.

To be continued…