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The sport activity of DSSE employees is not a surprising phenomenon. Only one word, one goal is needed to build a team of willing and motivated participants right away. During one September weekend "DSSE TEAM" took up the challenge and struggled in SURVIVAL RACE Wroclaw 2018. In total, the company was represented by 20 members from various departments (production, marketing, quality, administration and HR, logistics, accounting, IT), including Japanese representatives.

As the name indicated, the goal of the initiative was to survive and reach the target. At the distance of 6 km, 30 different obstacles and traps were prepared. Participants had to deal with water, swamps, special walls for climbing, ramps, crawling in sand and mud, diving in icy water, shooting.

All twenty participants, representing DSSE, managed to reach the finish line successfully and without any injuries. The biggest reward was internal satisfaction and self-fulfillment, but in addition everyone received a memorial medal.

"It was an extremely exhausting run, but very integrating, building team strength, cooperation, endurance and determination, and at the same time giving a lot of smile and fun." - one of the team member commented at the finish line.

Our representatives have already announced their participation in the next edition of the event. They ambitiously set goals for enlarging the "DSSE Team" as well as facing the double-length distance and the greater number of obstacles.

There is nothing more to say as thank and congratulate all participants of their hard struggle and perseverance.