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They will go to conquer Japan!

Last week at DSSE was very busy for many employees. All thanks to the KAIZEN PRE-Competition. During last month, 12 teams have been intensively working on presentations that summarized the year-long achievements in the area of ​​implementing new solutions and functionalities. The jury  consisting of: Yasushi Hiramatsu (President), Iwona Kosik (Vice President), Mirosław Janiszewski (General Manager), Dominika Ciara (HR Manager), Hidekazu Kanatani (PO Manager) and Haruki Maeda (PO Manager) analyzed and evaluated Safety and Kaizen presentations.
The results were unambiguous:

1st place SAFETY PRE-Competition - QA TEAM

2nd place SAFETY PRE-Competition - SE TEAM

                                    - PR TEAM

1st place KAIZEN PRE -Competition - EN2 / EN3TEAM

2nd place KAIZEN PRE- Competition - ES1 TEAM

Best Presenter - Safety i Kaizen

Special Award - IT TEAM

Congratulations to the winners and we hope to repeat the success from last year in Japan.