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This is the time when we should support each other!

The last months have been experiencing us in a new and unprecedented way and emotions. Companies from the automotive industry, including Daicel Safety Systems Europe (DSSE), belong to the group of companies the most exposed to business effects resulting from the ongoing pandemic. Therefore, the situation forces to take uncomfortable decisions and actions in order to survive the crisis and economic stagnation, which today is not only a forecast but a fact.

In DSSE, since the beginning of the pandemic, we have undertaken a number of measures to protect effectively the employees from the potential infection. We have maximally tightened internal procedures for occupational health and safety, equipped everyone with additional personal protective equipment as well as sanitary and disinfecting measures.

The business decisions made allowed us to maintain continuity of production until the end of April this year. The production limitations of customers and subcontractors ultimately meant that since May we have introduced a monthly production stoppage and such organizational changes in DSSE as reduced working time.

However, the symptoms of slow starting-up and returning to normal life are already visible. Individual lines should start production gradually in the upcoming months. We also plan to launch a new assembly line which is arriving to us from Japan. By the end of June, it will be able to be fully operational and ready for the production of new types of inflators for vehicle airbags.

"The coronavirus increases uncertainty about the future. This applies to every company. For us it is also a time of big mobilization both in relation to securing business and our employees. One thing is certain now - we all should support each other, be more forgiving and patient, "comments president Atsushi Hatomoto.

In this case – the above-mentioned support - concerns a wider range than just the area of ​​the company itself. That’s why we invited employees to individual combat support actions with coronavirus through voluntary contributions via "".

In addition, we have been in contact with hospitals since the beginning of the pandemic and checked the possibilities of providing support. In the initial period, helmets were the most desirable. Our engineers from the Technical Center department used a 3D printer and produced the necessary mounts for the helmets. Finally, we transferred them to hospitals in Świdnica and Wałbrzych.

We also examined the actual needs and deficits of local institutions. As a result, we handed 300 reusable safety masks, 10 helmets, 10 non-contact thermometers, 50 liters of hand sanitizer to Leszek Michalak, the Mayor of Żarów. The Mayor office delivered the products to: Fairytale Kindergarten in Żarów, Jan Brzechwa Primary School in Żarów, UNICEF Primary School in Imbramowice, Anna Jenke Primary School in Mrowiny, Social Welfare Center in Żarów, Municipal Center of Culture and Sport in Żarów.

Our corporation - Daicel Corporation - also undertakes activities on a global scale, because work and improvements in the field of medical technology based on pyrotechnics under the product name "ActranzaTM lab" are constantly ongoing. In simplified terms, the developed product is capable of injecting a drug solution through the tip of a needle-less injector. In order to deliver the drug to the body, it uses the combustion energy generated by pyrotechnics. As the medical community continues to work on developing a coronavirus vaccine, the use of ActranzaTM lab in vaccines could probably improve the effectiveness of the vaccine and significantly contribute to the elimination of this and other infectious diseases. In addition, the corporation provides the Actranza laboratory for work focused on vaccine development.

"I wish our company was involved in creating value, while contributing to the development of society, supporting the security and peace of people around the world" - this is the vision of our corporation presented by Yoshimi Ogawa, President and CEO of Daicel Corporation.

Let this beautiful idea accompany us in our daily activities and aspirations.

We hope that this difficult time will pass quickly and its effects will be worked out even faster. We wish everyone health, understanding and perseverance.