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Welcome to DSSE, Mr. President!

Atsushi Hatomoto is the new President of Daicel Safety Systems Europe. He has taken over the management of the company after five years of Mr. Yasushi Hiramatsu’s presidency.

- "The coming years will be a huge challenge for DSSE: building a Technical Center Europe, expanding the existing plant, new projects and the start-up of new lines. I am glad that I will be able to be a part of all these projects "- says President Hatomoto.

Actually, 2019 will be an active year for DSSE. In addition, this year we are celebrating 100th anniversary of Daicel Corporation establishment, which DSSE is a part of. For the employees it is not only a reason to celebrate, but also a time of hard work. The President will take care of everything, using his skills, competences and rich experience.

Atsushi Hatomoto graduated from the Doshisya University and was educated in the field of chemical engineering. He used the acquired knowledge while working in the chemical industry, as a chemical engineer, product engineer, getting  more and more experience and promotions. He worked in the Cellulose Company in Osaka, he was also Manager at the MSD Company in Hyogo and Director of Daicel Safety Systems Arizona in the United States. In Poland, he started working in April 2018 as vice president in order to take over the entire company after seven months.

Privately, Mr. President is married and the father of two children. He loves trips and sightseeing, and he is a fan of sports games.

We wish you good luck, good decisions as well as professional and private success!