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The ORIGAMI tradition began in Japan as a Samurai ceremony 600 years ago.

However, in Żarów, this beautiful art has been celebrated for seven years in the Commune Center for Culture and Sport. This year the theme of the competition was "Four Elements".


Daicel Safety System Europe is the sponsor of this event from the very beginning so the President of the company, Atsushi Hatomoto, made the official opening. He talked about the origami history and shared some personal reflections with the participants:

 "When I was a child, I made a paper plane with my friend. It could fly far and high (...). In Japan, there is also the tradition of folding paper Cranes as an idea to restore good health to a sick person. "

The Vice-President of Polish Origami Society and the origami instructor watched over the course of the competition. Under his supervision, there were also origami workshops for everyone who wanted to try their hand at folding paper. The jury, participants and guests were amazed with the final works. Currently, they are available to every visitor at the Commune Cultural Center.

 "You make such wonderful things with paper. I’ve noticed that you have a lot of fun with ORIGAMI. I hope that you will give me some of your work. They will take an honorary place

 in our factory "- this is how President Hatomoto summarized the work.

 The only thing we need to do now is just wait until the origami works arrive to DSSE so we can admire these paper masterpieces. More information:

See you next year!