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Business and Education: Cooperation with the Mechanical School from Swidnica

Cooperating with the Mechanical School from Świdnica is an exceptional opportunity for us to establish close relationships with future specialists in the mechatronics industry. Over the past months, we have had the pleasure of organizing a series of events that not only provided students with valuable experiences but also opened doors to professional development opportunities within our company.

On March 14th, we visited the fifth-grade students of the Mechatronics Technical High School, where we could not only present our company as a future employer but also engage in open discussions about their educational and professional futures. It is immensely satisfying for us to share our experience and perspective with young talents while learning about their aspirations and expectations.

From February 26th to March 22nd, we hosted four students from the fourth grade of the Mechatronics Technical High School for an internship. This experience was not only their first exposure to the realities of professional work but also a chance to gain practical knowledge about modern production processes and familiarize themselves with our advanced machinery. For our employees, it provided an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience, which is important for their development and motivation.

Subsequently, on April 8th, we organized a career-oriented excursion for students of the same class to our factory. It was an excellent opportunity for them to explore career development possibilities in the field of mechatronics. During this visit, we not only presented the specifics of job positions but also provided them with a broader insight into production processes and machinery, which can aid them in making future career decisions. The excursion itinerary included a company presentation, information about our products, details about maintenance job, and career opportunities. Additionally, students had the chance to plant tour the production, where they could closely observe automated production processes with our modern machinery.

To conclude the visit, we treated the participants to a Japanese-style snack, serving delicious sushi, which served as an additional bonding element, immersing them in the atmosphere of our company.

Collaborating with the Mechanical School from Świdnica is not only a way to build business relationships with education but also an investment in the future of the mechatronics industry. We are convinced that these efforts will bring mutual benefits, contributing to the development of young talents and strengthening our position as an attractive employer in the industry.