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DSSE Internship and Traineeship Program

DSSE offers an Internship and Traineeship Program for pupils, students and graduates. The Program is aimed at introducing young people to the characteristics of work in various departments connected with their class profile.

Internships and traineeships will allow you to develop teamwork skills and prepare you for effective work in accordance with the standards of professional excellence.

The Program will prepare you for independent and creative work within the framework of your education, it will enable you to gain knowledge, experience and skills, and will introduce you to the tasks and work organization for particular positions.

If you want to start your adventure in a multinational environment, get to know the organization and functioning of the company, develop your teamwork skills, and explore your opportunities on the job market, then take part in the Internship and Traineeship Program offered by DSSE!




Student of Electrical Engineering,

Internship in Production Engineering department  

In my opinion, the greatest advantage of internships in DSSE was the trust and freedom we were given in the company. It allowed me to show independence and self-discipline in carrying out the tasks entrusted to me. The general organization of internships was at a very high level, and the people I worked with were nice, understanding and first of all, well-prepared in terms of content, which allowed for the effective transfer of knowledge. I am convinced that the time I spent here was  not wasted time.




Student of Production Engineering and Management,

Internship in Production Engineering department  

The internship met my expectations in terms of content and organization. I was given the opportunity to implement several projects, which included redesigning the station for an actuator with a brake in the Solid Works program, simulating work on a new production line and calculating assembly times, preparing technical documentation and sending an inquiry to an external company. I was able to move freely around the company and perform all the activities that I needed to complete the tasks. The staff were willing to help with any problems I encountered. The knowledge and experience gained during the internship will be useful in my future work.



Intern in the production department

I have graduated from Management and Production Engineering at Technical University of Wroclaw. I currently study Management at Technical University of Wroclaw. Choosing an internship I was looking for a company where an emphasize is put on the implementation of management systems related to the philosophy of Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing, which I am interested in. My choice was DSSE.  For the first time I heard about DSSE during my visit in the company with "Kaizen" scientific circle. More information about the offered internship I got during the job fairs “Absolvent Talent Days”, where DSSE was one of the participants. During my internship I learned how to use in practice the knowledge, which I gained at Technical University and how the "backstage" of modern company in the automotive industry look like. Interesting projects have proven to be a valuable experience that will be useful in my future professional life. Another positive aspect was the experienced, full of good energy team that supported me at every problem that I encountered. I hope that after graduation I will join DSSE team.



Participant internship student

I am a student of Automation and Robotics at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at  Wrocław Technical University. I have already graduated the third year of my studies. Searching a company to do my professional apprenticeship I was guided by a wish to deepen my practical knowledge. DSSE caught my attention during Academic Fair Trades when the company encouraged me with a possibility to learn the specificity of the branch I am interested in. During my apprenticeship I found out about the rules of functioning on the international market, I met new people and made professional contacts. The cooperation with experienced engineers allowed me to get new practical skills and hence level up my qualifications. The size of the company and the presence of several production lines give opportunities to develop knowledge in a wide range. All these aspects have guaranteed a bigger competitiveness on the labour market. I hope that, after the graduation of my studies, I will join the team of DSSE engineers.


One of many who took up the challenge...


Individual program participant practices

I’m a graduate of M.T. Huber Zespól Szkół No. 5 in Wałbrzych. I graduated with an extended curriculum in Mechatronics. I had been thinking about some internship which would enable me to transfer my theoretical knowledge into practice. I became acquainted with DSSE during a visit to our school and I got interested in its individual internship program. It was the only company in the region which offered me a long term contract, where I can spend my summer break each year on gaining knowledge and developing skills up until I graduate from university.

The internship allows me to get inside knowledge of the company. Under the supervision of a tutor I can fulfil my tasks and explore modern technologies and automatic production lines. The experience from this internship and the business relationships which I have created will certainly give me a guarantee of a good position on the job market. I hope that after graduating from university I will join the engineering team at DSSE.


DSSE Open Doors Program 

The DSSE Open Doors program is available for organized groups.

It is possible for pupils and students to get inside knowledge about our company as a prospective employer. This allows them to familiarize themselves with the organizational structure of the company and with the DSSE culture. Meeting in the company is also intended to show the value of education to pupils and students – it allows them to become the best employee and to develop further among the best of the best. Therefore, they are motivated to plan their professional career even better.

During the visit we will introduce the pupils and students to our current internship and training offers, and to the requirements for the particular positions which might interest them in the future.

A typical DSSE Open Doors Program includes:

  1. Presentation of the Daicel company
    - organizational structure
    - goal and mission of Daicel – "We save lives”
  1. Introduction to Daicel products
  2. Trip around the production lines
  3. Q&A, snack

It is possible for our company to meet your expectations and adjust the Open Doors Program to the needs of a particular class. If you are interested in visiting our organization, please fill out the form and send it to:


Simulative interviews at the Technical University of Wroclaw


One of the stages of the recruitment process is the interview. It is the stage when the candidates must do their best. On 3 December we organized simulative job interviews for students of Technical University. Those workshops enabled students to gain knowledge about this process.
Each participant, after the interview, received a feedback – we informed the students about what we liked the most in the interview, what aspects they should avoid and what they have to work over in order to do better in the eyes of the recruiter.

This knowledge will be useful in the future when the graduates of the Technical University will begin to search for their dream job.