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Conduct policy

We, the Daicel Group, have established the Conduct Policy in order to realize our Basic Philosophy. Every member of the Daicel Group shall fully understand and voluntarily consider this Conduct Policy and shall put it into practice in a tangible way through their daily activities.


  1. We shall not only comply with all laws and regulations but also act with high ethical standards and sound judgment.
  2. We shall contribute to the development of society as good corporate citizens.
  3. We shall offer safe, high-quality products and services that satisfy and gain the trust of our customers.
  4. We shall contribute to the development of local communities by complying with international rules and each country's laws and regulations and by respecting local cultures and customs.
  5. We shall willingly and justly disclose reliable corporate information.
  6. We shall conduct honest trade in accordance with the basic principles of fair and free competition.
  7. We shall work positively to conserve the natural environment and to ensure safety.
  8. We shall properly manage corporate assets and information.
  9. We shall respect the diversity, personality and individuality of every member of the Daicel Group and shall maintain a healthy and comfortable work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.