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Daicel Safety Systems Companies

DSSE is a part of the Japanese company Daicel Corporation Ltd., which was established in 1919. Currently, the corporation has a wide product range: celluloid products, products based on chemical organic substances and plastic, and pyrotechnic devices.

Based on its knowledge and experience in pyrotechnic materials, Daicel created small, light, economical and passenger-friendly inflators, thus meeting the expectations of the market in terms of driver and passenger protection.

In 1989 Daicel Safety Systems (DSS) launched its first airbag inflator on the market in Japan.

Within the Daicel framework, 6 plants dealing with airbag inflator production have been established all around the world – in Japan, China, the USA, Thailand, Korea, and Poland. Additionally, factories which produce components for the inflators have been established in the USA and Thailand. 



DSS Daicel Safety Systems Ltd.

Foundation: May 1987,
Location: Tatsuno-city Hyogo Japan,
Start of production: April 1989,
Products: Inflator, Initiator, Propellant, PGG


DSTA Daicel Safety Technologies America Ltd.

DSTP    Daicel Safety Tube Procesing, Inc.

 Daicel Safety America Ltd.

DSSA foundation: december 2000
DSSA location: Beaver Dam, Kentucky USA
DSSA start of production: July 2002
Products: Inflator (DSSA), Propellant (DSTA), Bottle (DSTP), Initiator (SDI)

Daicel Safety Systems America Arizona, Inc.

DSSA AZ foundation: 2015
DSSA AZ location: 4558 E. Virginia Street, Mesa, AZ 85215 
DSSA AZ start of production: 2016
Products: Inflators

SDI     Special Devices, Inc.

DSSA foundation: December 2000,
DSSA location: Beaver Dam, Kentucky USA,
DSSA start of production: July 2002, 
Products: Inflator (DSSA), Propellant (DSTA), Bottle (DSTP), Initiator (SDI)




DSSE  Daicel Safety Systems Europe Sp. z o.o.

Foundation: March 2004,
Location: Strefowa 6, 58-130 Zarow, Poland,
Start of production: April 2006,
Products: Pyro 1 line (E1), Hybrid 2lines (ES1/ES2), NB 1 line (N1), CGI 1 line, Pyro 1 Line [E2]



DSSC  Daicel Safety Systems (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. 

Foundation: December 2004,
Location: Jiangsu, China (3.5h from Shanghai),
Start of production: October 2006,
Products: Inflator, Propellant



DSST Daicel Safety Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

DSTT Daicel Safety Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

SDT    Special Devices (Thailand) Co., LTD

DSST foundation: September 2002,
DSST location: Prachinburi Thailand (160kmfrom Bangkok)
DSST start of production: March 2004
Products: Inflator, Coolant, PGG/Initiators (DSTT)




DSSK  Daicel Safety Systems Korea, Inc.

Foundation: December 2011,
Location:Yeongcheon, Korea,
Start of production: December 2013
Products: Inflator