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Cosmic origami - a report from the 11th National Origami Competition

Cosmic origami - a report from the 11th National Origami Competition

As Daicel, we are honored to be a partner and sponsor of the National Origami Competition, whose 11th edition with the theme "In space" is behind us.

Daicel supports initiatives that promote the art and culture of Japan, but also develop talents and allow people to discover new passions.

Origami, the art of paper folding, has a long and rich history. However, this year's competition with the theme "In space" surprised us not only with the talent and creativity of the participants, but also with their ability to introduce cosmic visions and themes into their works. We had the opportunity to see how paper becomes a carrier of dreams about space travel, stars, planets and mysterious beings from distant galaxies.


Both children and adults participated in the competition organized by the Community Center of Culture and Sport in Żarów, which only proves that love for origami knows no age limits.

Looking at the works submitted for the competition, we were impressed by the variety of techniques and ideas that were presented. From precisely assembled space rockets to delicate medleys depicting cosmic landscapes, the participants conveyed their visions of the cosmos to us in the most beautiful way.


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