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Quality is our priority.

Daicel Safety System Europe is committed to continuous improvement, maintaining effective quality management system and meeting Customer needs. We are committed to providing high-quality products. We maintain quality management system that meets Customer expectations.

To achieve these goals, we take the following actions:

We identify and document processes in our organization to ensure they comply with relevant legal regulations and customer requirements.

As part of quality management system, we define internal regulations, work standards, role descriptions and other relevant documentation.

We supply high-quality inflators that meet legal requirements and those of our Customers. We achieve high level of product quality through effective quality management system at all stages of process, starting with high-quality parts.

We provide necessary resources and information to support operation of quality management system. We monitor effectiveness of quality management system through audits, Employee opinions, Supplier assessments and communication with Customers.

We undertake corrective and improvement actions at all levels of organization. Continuous improvement in quality management system is essential to achieving our goals.

Each DSSE Employee understands policy and his/her role in quality management system and performs work in a way that meets requirements of this system.

We commit all our employees to committing to above activities and will make every effort to ensure sufficient resources.

On behalf of DSSE Management Board, President Teppei Hanano