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Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy



This security policy represents the commitment of the Company, represented by the DSSE President of the Board, to achieve its mission and strategic objectives along with ensuring information security against the information assets used. The policy sets the framework for establishing information security objectives and represents a commitment to continuous improvement of the implemented information security management system.

This policy is in line with the company's vision and strategy of co-creating value in the supply chain.

Daicel strives to ensure continuous improvement in security, particularly information security.


The President of the Board has established, implemented and oversees an Information Security Management System based on the requirements of PN-EN ISO/IEC 27001 and TISAX. The scope of the system encompasses all processes, procedures and resources under the responsibility of the Company, which are important to ensure the security of processed information at the Daicel Safety Systems Europe Sp. z o.o (DSSE) located, 6 Strefowa St. in Zarow, Poland, and applies to all assets and processes that the Company uses for its business activities.


Under the Information Security Management System, the Company undertakes to:

  • ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability and accountability of processed information, regardless of the form of that information, in all systems used for its processing,
  • ensure the continuity of operation of information processing and data processing systems, and to take action in emergency situations,
  • minimize the consequences of the materialization of threats to information security, resulting from intentional or unintentional actions,
  • ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements,
  • ensure an appropriate level of information security culture in the Company by continuously raising awareness and educating employees on the issue of information security assurance.


The President of the Board declares his full commitment to building an effective Information Security Management System and ensuring that the appropriate conditions and resources are in place to achieve the objectives set forth in this policy. By periodically reviewing the system in place and monitoring and improving the system, he strives to ensure the optimal level of security of the Company's processed information and to meet the requirements of TISAX.


In order to carry out the tasks of the implemented Information Security Management System:

  • determined the optimal distribution of responsibilities and tasks related to ensuring information security by each employee,
  • inventory and classification of information assets processed in the Company was carried out, taking into account the type and relevance of these assets from the point of view of the Company's operations and asset owners,
  • to obtain and maintain accredited certification for compliance of the implemented and operating Information Security Management System in accordance with TISAX requirements.
  • to promote activities for continuous improvement of the Information Security Management System.

This policy applies to all employees working for the Company. The Chairman of the Board of Directors undertakes to make every effort to meet the objectives set forth in this policy and the system documentation by involving all employees in the continuous improvement of the Information Security Management System.



Presedent of the Board – Teppei Hanano