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The last year of work on improvements at DSSE was summarized during the KAIZEN PRE-COMPETITION 2019. This event is organized once a year for all employees who, by carrying out their daily duties, create and implement new solutions that improve the functioning of work or processes.

31 employees from various departments and positions (operational, leadership, technical, engineering, specialist and managerial) stood up to fight for victory. They joined forces and built 9 separate teams. Five of them competed in SAFETY category (Area A, Area B, Quality, Logistics, Safety and Environmental Protection), and the remaining four in KAIZEN category (ES1 Line, ES2 Line, NB lines, Sales and Marketing / Technical Support). According to tradition, the whole event was supervised by Kaizen Committee, which included: President of the Board, Vice President, General Manager and other appointed Managers.

As always, the presentations mainly concerned improvement and future plans, including optimization at workplaces that have impact on work ergonomics, standardization of production processes, automation and broadly understood security.

After a day-long struggle, the committee assessed the presented achievements both in terms of substance (e.g. numerical data, results reflected into production output, efficiency, financial results, future development opportunities) and presenting skills.

Three winners were selected:

Category KAIZEN 1st place - Team line ES2

Category KAIZEN 2nd place - Team lines NB

SAFETY category 1st place - Team LP


"Thank you to all teams for such interesting and qualitative presentations. What I sow today proves that teamwork always brings better results. Congratulations and thank you again to each and every one of you - because each of you contributed a part of yourself to this work and gave it to DSSE. At the same time, I request for continuation of kaizen activity - because it is a great capital and base for development for all of us "- summed up Atsushi Hatomoto, President of DSSE.

Now, the next step is to wait for the date of the next stage of the competition, i.e. KAIZEN COMPETITION 2019. Then, the winning presentations from all Daicel branches in the world will be presented and evaluated in Japan. It usually takes place in April. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the competition will not take place on the planned date. However, we hope, that the world will quickly deal with this problem, and our teams will be able to reach for another victory.