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April 18, 2024

Business and Education: Cooperation with the Mechanical School from Swidnica

Cooperating with the Mechanical School from Świdnica is an exceptional opportunity for us to establish close relationships with future specialists in the mechatronics industry. Over the past months, we have had the pleasure of organizing a series of events that not only provided students with valuable experiences but also opened doors to professional development opportunities within our company. On March 14th,... read more

December 18, 2023

Inspiring educational visits for young technical talents!

    Our company willingly opens its doors to students of technical schools and universities, wishing to support young students of science in acquiring practical skills and knowledge related to their future professions. Visits to Daicel are carefully planned with the educational needs of participants in mind, offering them the opportunity to explore the secrets of the automotive industry. Last month, we had... read more

November 16, 2023

Talent Days 2023: Daicel at the Tarczyński Arena Stadium in Wrocław!

On October 12, 2023, Daicel - as one of 65 exhibitors - took part in the prestigious Talent Days job fair, which took place at the Tarczyński Arena Stadium in Wrocław. This event, which gathered industry representatives, specialists and ambitious graduates, became an excellent opportunity to present our company and establish contacts with potential job candidates. Talent Days attracted an impressive... read more

November 16, 2023

Daicel as patron of the Talents for the companies competition!

Daicel as patron of the Talents for the companies competition! For the third time, Daicel supported young talents in the development of technical and social competences by being the patron of the Talents for companies technical competition. The third edition of this competition took place on September 27, 2023. The competition is organized by the Sudeten Chamber of Commerce and Industry in... read more

July 12, 2023

Daicel at Juwenalia 2023 - a successful cooperation between Business and Education!

Daicel and Wroclaw University of Technology have been cooperating for many years in scope of the "Business for Education" program, i.e. support for student education through the organization of Kaizen workshops, study visits, student internships.   This time we decided to become a partner of the 2023 Students' Juwenalia, which was attended by about 20,000 students. Student Juwenalia is a special... read more

June 22, 2023

Cosmic origami - a report from the 11th National Origami Competition

Cosmic origami - a report from the 11th National Origami Competition As Daicel, we are honored to be a partner and sponsor of the National Origami Competition, whose 11th edition with the theme "In space" is behind us. Daicel supports initiatives that promote the art and culture of Japan, but also develop talents and allow people to discover new passions. Origami, the art... read more

October 14, 2022


DSSE was once again the patron of the 'TALENTS FOR COMPANIES' competition which took place on 12th of October 2022. This project focuses on increasing young people's interest in technical fields and helps develop skills such as integration at different age levels, cooperation, work organisation and punctuality, teamwork - skills very much needed in today's industry. We patronised one of the... read more

October 10, 2022

Lean Trends Conference 2022

DSSE had the pleasure to take part  at the annual Lean Trends 2022 conference at the Faculty of Economics and Sociology of the University of Lodz organized by the Lean Management Polska Association for the first time.   The Lean conference is a perfect place to exchange experiences and learn about new technological and organizational solutions. The topics included classic Lean themes as well as... read more

October 04, 2022

Team Spirit and Fun

How to build and effective team? How to operate in changing environment? How to build trust in VUKA world? – this are the main issues DSSE try to introduce during our workshopon 9th of September. We choose the place where you could relax, change your view and discuss openly. Program was divided into 3 stages: 1st stage – “ fast date” with Top... read more

September 26, 2022

7th Zarow Zone Run

This is the seventh time we have taken part in the 7th Zarow Zone Run, which took place on 25 September. The Daicel team promotes a healthy lifestyle and mobilises people to practise sport. This year we were also co-organisers of the Fan Zone "Welcome to Japan", thanks to which we were able to introduce the culture of Japan: origami folding,... read more

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