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Order of the Rising Sun

This is a special day for me," said the mayor of Żarów, receiving the Order of the Rising Sun, Golden Rays with a Rosette, from the hands of the Ambassador of Japan Akio Miyajima.

(The Order of the Rising Sun is the third order in importance after the Order of Chrysanthemum and the Order of Paulownia Flowers, and before the Order of the Holy Treasury. It was established on April 10, 1875 by Emperor Mutsuhito and was initially a military decoration, but is awarded to civilians for special services after World War II. Six Polish people, including Krystyna Zachwatowicz-Wajda, the wife of the great Polish director Andrzej Wajda, have been awarded in Class IV - Golden Rays with a Rosette.

20 years ago in Żarów, a small, industrial town in Lower Silesia, a space for running business was organized for investors from Japan.

The fact that Daicel has located its business in the Żarów Special Economic Zone is largely due to the mayor of Leszek Michalak. We have been constantly developing partnerships with the city authorities and the local community Since then.

We participate in local cultural events, support the fire brigade - a key social partner, organize numerous pro-ecological campaigns, provide substantive and financial support to technical schools, but these are just some of the CSR actions.

 On September 18, the 20th anniversary of the Economic Subzone will be celebrated in Żarów. On this occasion the “World Cup” with the participation of children's football teams will be played. Japan will be represented by the children of our employees (report soon).

Daicel also supports charity campaigns, such as help in organizing summer holidays for children from the poorest families or Christmas gifts for those in need.

We can also be proud of that the Management Board and Daicel employees prioritize events promoting Japanese culture in Poland, and our Mayor is its greatest Ambassador.

 Together, we organize the National Origami Competition, Kaizen training courses, and there is not probably inhabitant of Żarów who would not know the rules of brewing green tea.


DSSE President Atshishi Hatomoto attended the ceremony at the special invitation of the Japanese Embassy in Warsaw. Guests of the ceremony ware:  representatives of the Polish-Japanese parliamentary group, representatives of Japanese companies: Bridgestone Diversified Products Poland, Yagi Poland Factory, Toyota Manufacturing Poland, as well as the President of Shokokai (Mitsui & Co.Deutschland Gmbh, branch in Poland).

Mayor Leszek Michalak also received a special congratulatory letter from the President of Daicel Corporation, Mr. Yoshimi Ogawa, and a memorial clock from Mr. Kawaguci - the head of SBU.

The presence of Japanese companies in Poland for several years is a time full of success, joy and friendship of our nations - concluded the Japanese Ambassador in Poland. In Daicel, we are proud to being a part of this.