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Our pyrotechnic business began with the production of a single-base propellant. We have since developed advanced products for the national defense market by combining organic synthesis, polymer chemistry, plastic molding, and assembly technologies. In addition, we have used our proprietary pyrotechnic technologies to develop airbag inflators, the most critical components of airbag systems for motor vehicle safety. The automobile airbag inflator business has grown to become one of our core businesses, demonstrating how we have expanded beyond the bounds of the chemical industry.


Automobile Airbag Inflators

Advanced technologies originating in the aerospace, chemical, mechanical, electrical, and electronics industries are embodied in the automobile airbag inflator. Inflators are key safety devices at the heart of the airbag system. When the crash sensor detects a collision, it inflates the airbag within milliseconds. Daicel manufactures and sells various inflators for all vehicle installation locations as well as PGG micro gas generators for seatbelt pretensioners.


The methods for the production of inflators for airbags

To meet all the performance and quality requirements for airbags, we now manufacture three types of airbag inflators that employ different methods.





The Company’s products are directly sold to the airbag manufacturers only and are not publicly sold to any other persons.

Whether it is the case of using old products or buying products that are commonly sold in the market, such products do not meet the safety standards and/or being fake products and may cause damage and loss to life, body, and property.

The Company cannot guarantee the quality of those products in all respects and therefore shall not be liable for such damages in all respects.