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Safety and Environmental Policy



The safety and environmental protection are our priority.

” We will accelerate value co-creation through the supply chain, aiming to build a circular society and achieve sustainable growth of the Daicel Group.”

Yoshimi Ogawa President and CEO, Daicel Corporation

DSSE as a one of production center of Daicel Corporation Group takes active part in the realization of Concern purposes and undertakes steps to ensure continuous improvement in the range of the impact on the environment, safety of processes and products, and also safe and healthy work conditions.


To achieve those mentioned above we oblige ourselves to:

  •         manage the health, safety and environmental protection system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 standardsand continuously improve our system;
  •         monitor and following all applicable legal and other requirements including corporate regulations
  •         ensure health and safe working conditions and implementing the activities to prevent injuries and other health disabilities, industrial disasters, and others events which can have negative impact on environment, by:

-     monitoring the particular processes within the company’s scope

-     adequate maintain the machines and other equipment

-     using adequate measures and solutions

-     ensuring the accessibility to PPE which are adequate to identified hazards

-     ensuring the ergonomic conditions and proper management of incidents  

  •         continuous pursuit to improve working conditions and reducing the negative impact on environment and local society by identifying, transparent reporting and eliminating the hazards  
  •         prepare the emergancy procedures and plans and conduct regular control of readiness to implement adequate activities to ensure the safe conditions to our employees, other people staying in our perimeter and to protect environment and local society, especcial ensuring adequate fire protection and evacuation equipement
  •         continious develop the qualifications of our employees to involve them in consciously activities of environmental protection improvement in terms of long term impact of offered products
  •         ensure the efficient management of resources, media usage and industrial waste including those which contain explosives materials;
  •         ensure the safety of using the hazardous substances by adequate control under implementing new substances and using hazardous substances in processess and taken the activities to decrease useage of hazardous substances in processess
  •         ensure the consultation and participation of employees and their representatives in the preparation, planning, implementation and assessment of the effects of operations and improving  the occupational health and safety management system;
  •         ensure internal and external communications with interested parties, related to the company’s impact on the  environment and the promotion of safe behaviors;
  •         improving the environmental effects of the company’s operations by defining the significant

environmental aspects and identification and assessment of risks and opportunities which are connected with identified aspects.


We encourage all our employees to engage in all above mentioned activities and we will make efforts of all kinds to ensure sufficient resources and means for their accomplishment.


On behalf of DSSE Board, President Teppei Hanano