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Team Spirit and Fun

How to build and effective team? How to operate in changing environment? How to build trust in VUKA world? – this are the main issues DSSE try to introduce during our workshopon 9th of September. 
We choose the place where you could relax, change your view and discuss openly.

Program was divided into 3 stages:

  • 1st stage – “ fast date” with Top Management Q&A session – every member had opportunity to ask questions directly to Top Management, we discussed simple – favorable cuisine to more complicated about company strategy.
  • 2nd stage – “Batteriada” simulation game leading by Kaizen Team, in which we could train the principles of Lean Management, but also elements of change management.
    Production of batteries from blocks show us in a bit different environment how production chain operates, what are the problems, how to improve and be more effective – the teams creativity was the top and in second round of our game we could produce all orders.
  • 3rd stage – Outdoor game “leading the team- everything about- How to lead in situations of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.” Thanks to leading blind team through obstacle course we learn what is the ideal leadership pattern. Every team was able to reach Finish line safely, in record time.

This workshop show us we can effectively operate as ONE TEAM in good atmosphere. We can feel it even after workshop finish.