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"We save lives"

Not many people and not many companies can be proud of saving somebody’s life. There are also not many people who make it their profession or devote every free moment to it. This selected group includes, among others, the firefighters from Jaroszów. Several of them work at DSSE, ensuring the proper functioning of the machine park on the production line for the assembly of airbag inflators.

Initiatives reported by such people (especially when related to our company's mission) receive the support of our company. One of the latest initiatives was a financial support to purchase a fire-car for OSP Jaroszów.

Last Friday, February 7, 2020, there was a ceremonial of transfer, blessing and official receiving the car. At the same time, the commune's authorities took care of firemen and their equipment, i.e. they also open a completely new fire station.

Therefore, from now every citizen of the commune and the surrounding area can feel more secure and be sure that if necessary, the fire brigade will arrive on time.

We wish all firefighters good luck and the same number of departures and arrivals!